County Engineer's Office

The Wyandot County Engineer's Office is a made up of a multi-disciplined group responsible for the management the day to day operations of the entire organization.

The office initiates the project development process and is responsible for prioritizing short-range and long-range construction projects. An important asset of the office is the ability to acquire local, state, and federal funding sources so that additional projects can be constructed while minimizing local dollars.
The Office is responsible for both in-house design and project management of culverts, bridges and any other roadway projects on both the Township and County system.

Additionally, the following divisions fall under the Engineer's Office:


  • Long range planning and engineering
  • Bridge and culvert design
  • Drainage design
  • Roadway design
  • Traffic engineering and design
  • Surveying/GPS
  • Right-of-way/Property acquisition

Construction and Inspection

The Construction Department is responsible for all road and bridge construction projects administered through the WCEO. This work entails plan review plus preparation of contract estimates, proposals, and bid documents. The department coordinates the relocation of all utilities in the construction area and inspects the contractors' work to ensure that design specifications are met and that projects are completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Work quantities and invoices are reviewed and processed for payment. At the completion of projects, the department performs a final inspection before final payments are released to the contractor.

The Construction Department also works with other governmental agencies that fund local projects, such as County and Township Tax Increment Financing (TIF) projects. Federal Aid projects are handled through Local Public Agency (LPA) contracts and State-funded projects are administered through this department in the form of Issue 1 grants and loans and Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). Projects for townships are also administered through this department.

Permits for driveway installation and reconstruction are issued by this department also. They are inspected for proper construction, drainage, and access visibility. Overload vehicle permits are also issued through the department.

  • Administration of all capital improvement contracts
  • Bridge, roadway and intersection construction and the annual pavement resurfacing program
  • Inspection, measurement and documentation of all pay items
  • Certifies adherence to specifications and plans
  • Prepares partial and final payments to contractors
  • Utility coordination and relocation for Gas, water, telephone, electric, cable, and sanitary
  • Reviews and issues various permits
  • Annual bridge inspection

Administration and Finance

The Administration Department oversees all budgets and payroll as well as general office administration, including human resources and personnel.

Per the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), the County Engineer is responsible for maintaining public records and certain items of historical data. This information is made available to the general public, as a function of the Administration Department.

One of the most critical aspects of making sure that WCEO employees can do their jobs falls under Information Services (IS), which is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all computers, servers, and communication equipment.

Public Information is also a function of Administration. This division is responsible for public and media relations, production of various reports, development and maintenance of this web site, and production of the Wyandot County official map.

  • Records - Maintain permanent copies of all road and bridge plans, maps, aerial photos, benchmarks and land records
  • Information Systems - Maintenance and operation of computers, software and local area network
  • Budget and Payroll
  • Management of annual budget, including anticipation of fiscal needs and assessment of revenue availability in order to balance spending while developing a schedule of infrastructure projects
  • Public Information
  • Coordination of project and construction information, media relations,