Project Information

- County Contract Paving Projects 2015-

CH95 from CH330 to CH4
CH35 from SR67 to CH36
CH108 from CH53 to CH330
CH106 from CH42 to CH4
CH3 from CH99 to TH105
CH42 from CH107 to SR53
CH128 from CH44 to CH47
CH128 from CH62 to SR294

14.40 Miles Paved in 2015

- County Contract Paving Projects 2014-

CH99 from CH16 to Carey Corp.
CH38 from CH107 to SR53
CH215 from SR53 to TH64
CH97 from CH63 to CH57
CH62 from CH113 to TH124
CH87 from CH4 to SR103
CH58 from RxR to CH119
CH3 from TH95 to CH96

- County Bridge Program -

2015 Program

Co. Hwy. 119 Between St. Rt. 67 & Co. Hwy 58

Co. Hwy. 97 at the intersection of Co. Hwy. 4

Twp. Hwy. 125 Between St. Rt. 294 & Twp. Hwy 68 (Marion Co. Line)

Co. Hwy. 44 Between St. Rt. 67 & Twp. Hwy 124

Co. Hwy. 107 Between Twp. Hwy. 42 & Co. Hwy 4

Twp. Hwy. 108 Between Co. Hwy. 330 & Twp. Hwy. 49

2014 Program

Twp. Hwy. 124 Between Co. Hwy. 182 & Twp. Hwy 55

Twp. Hwy. 10 Between Co. Hwy. 1 (Seneca Co.) & Twp. Hwy 14

Co. Hwy. 44 Between Twp. Hwy. 124 & Co. Hwy 128

Twp. Hwy. 108 Between Co. Hwy. 58 & Twp. Hwy3


2013 Program

CH215 (Co. Line Rd.) from TH63 to TH64

CH53 from TH79 to CH78

TH10 from CH44 to TH43

CH59 from CH128 to TH135
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CH93 from TH76 to TH71
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County and Township Highway Sign Project
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